Connected t shirt

Anime inspired design. Available in a range of colors, this geek t shirt will definitely be the envy of your friends.

I see fragged people t shirt

Sometimes you need a sixth sense to know where the next frag grenade is coming from.

Elite raiders t shirt

Raiding is not for the faint hearted gamer. It takes a lot of patience, teamwork and a hefty dose of caffeine but the reward in the end always makes it worth it (if you get the epic loot of course).

Meh t shirt

Meh: Indifference;  to be used when one simply does not care.

Mrgl Mrgl Wow Lingo t shirt

King Mrgl-Mrgl will love you when he sees you in one of his favorite gamer shirts and so will all of Azeroth's murloc's.

Less QQ t shirt

Legend has it that this phrase refers to whinging mages, but nowadays it is used on anyone that's having a sook. The QQ gamer shirt is available in a range of styles and colours.

Tank n spank t shirt

Tank n Spank - No strategy - just hit 'em quick and hard. Available in black gamer hoodies and dark gamer shirts. Curious about our other designs? Click here for some more gamer shirt awesomeness.

Geek and gamer dad t shirt

Gamer Dad's rule.If you are one of the lucky one's to have a dad that can pwn you on the battlefield or fight side by side with you in a raid, then you better get him some epic gear from our Gamer and Geek Dad range.

Warning tank is a noob tshirt

Nothing can ruin a quick instance run like a noob tank, not to mention havin one in a 10 or 25 man raid. Do you know a noob tank? Then get them one of these gamer shirts.

Newbnutta cmy splash t shirt

Some of our cool products have nothing to do with gaming. See we really like our logo and that’s why we bring it to you in a variety of designs because we know that you will love it too! Visit now to see more of our goodies.

The like geek t shirt

Nowadays,with the social media craze you have to "like" everything, so we have created a "like" button geek t shirt and we think you will "like" it. You can of course "like" this t shirt on our Facebook page too, if you really like it... aaand that is probably enough "likes" for one day.

"On board" series bumper sticker

There's nothing that causes a trafficjam like a ninja bumpersticker. Get yours now.

Critical hit t shirt

You can be sure you’ll be a critical hit with friends next time they see you with these cool gear.

Pew pew t shirt

Attention hunters! Here is your Pew Pew gaming t shirt.

Insert coin t shirt

Many a youth and weekly allowance were spent pouring money into these coin slots, if only it was still just 25c to play.

Newbnutta industrial t shirt

A tough looking industrial design. Are you tough enough to wear it? Don’t worry you don’t have to be. Visit now to see more of our goodies. 

Life bothers me t shirt

Yep we all feel like that sometimes. The "life bothers me" geek t shirt is available in both light and dark coloured tees Curious about our other designs? Click here for some more gamer shirt awesomeness.

Newbnutta t shirt

Proudly displaying our logo on a range of our favourite T shirts, hoodies and more... Visit now to see more of our goodies.

100 genuine t shirt

100% Passion on all our game t shirts, vintage tshirts and other cool tee shirts, caps, bags, hoodies and more. Visit now to see more of our goodies.

Gone ballistic black ops t shirt

Since the release of Black Ops, the latest installment from the Call of Duty camp, everyone has equipped themselves with the ballistic knife. Things have now gone completely ballistic with blades flying around everywhere.

Lmao geek t shirt

Lmao geek t shirt . Don't forget to stop by on Facebook and send us some of your fav LMAO!! gaming moments.

Maniac killer cow people t shirt

Newbnutta goes artistic;  sometimes we let the graphic designers out of their cage and let ‘em do what they want. Luckily for us they churn out cool designs like this one. Visit now to see more of our goodies.

Nuke battalion gamer hoodie

Our Nuke Battalion design is available on gamer hoodies,long sleeve gaming t shirts and baseball jerseys. For all the COD MW2 fanatics

Im hawt geek t shirt

Let's face it, us geeks are HAWT with a capital H!! Check out our range of I'm Hawt geek T shirts.

Chat smiley face t shirt

Online chatters, facebookers, gamers all like the happy Smiley face. We have it available on a range of our high quality Tees.

PWN Star t shirt

You're unbeatable, you're the legend, you ALWAYS finishes on top. You are the ultimate Pwnstar. Available in a range of dark and light gaming t shirts

DOT perspective t shirt

Another funky t shirt with our logo on it, called Dot perspective. Visit now to see more of our goodies.

Noobtuber t shirt

Noobtubin' ...perfect for those days when you can't be bothered aiming.

On Target t shirt

Inspired by FPS games. This gaming t shirt is for all the quick scopers, sprayers and campers.

You've been warned t shirt

Inspired by the COD series. The gren ade indicator usually means run and do it NOW!! The "watch out" gamer shirt is available in t shirts, ringer tees and tanktops.

Generation X t shirt

The generation of Pac Man and Arcade games. Spending their time in front of pinball machines and Atari consoles. This generation made gaming cool.

Old skool gamer t shirt

Ode to the legend. Children of the eightees will remeber this controller with great fondness.Available in a range of gaming t shirts for both men and woman.

Generation Y t shirt

Born during between 1979 and 1994, they go by a host of taglines: Generation Y, Echo Boomers, or Millennium Generation. Our Gen Y t shirts are avaible in a range of colours

Camper hunter t shirt

Carefully aproaching every corner, searching with a scope from a distance, these are the traits of a camper hunter. Inspired by the COD callsigns, we've created this gamer

Geek ABC t shirt

If you can't read this, well, then it's time you learn the geek ABC. If you can read this BAZINGA! Availble in a range of colours, this geek t shirt will definately be a hit among.

Newbnutta saloon t shirt

This is the Wild West of the 21st century, Newbnutta Style.

You can't handle heroics t shirt

Do you have a team member that can’t handle the pressures of heroics? Then get them one of these Heroic's Gamer Shirts Visit Newbnutta for more designs

Pixel warriors t shirt

Not sure if they really looked better then but we definitely thought they did. Available in tees, hats, mugs and more... Visit now to see more of our.

Level up t shirt

Retro games are back in fashion and all the old skool gamers couldn’t be happier. here is another gamer shirt in our vintage range.

LF sugarmomma t shirt

These gamer shirts are for the gamer guy with a plan.

Warning t shirt

This is still one of our most popular gamer shirts. Maybe your healer is AFK right now, buying this t shirt.

To pwn tshirt

This slogan remind us why literacy in school is so important…So we can use it on our favourite gamer shirts and other cool products. Probably not the way Shake's intended.

Epicow t shirt

Epicow our cool mascot which is available on dark gamer hoodies,light tees, black caps and more...

Freshly brewed coffee mug

A funky take on a mmorpg food and drink item because If you can't have mana than coffee will be just fine.

Gamers lingo colour t shirt

All your favorite gaming words on all of our favorite Gamer shirts shirts. Available in B&W and rainbow colours.

PWN Definition t shirt

Definition series of Gamers lingo gamer shirts (terms commonly used in games and online gaming - especially mmo games)  Pick your favorite word, get it on a t shirt or a bag.

Ding Definition t shirt

Ding! The light is at the end of the grinding tunnel. Progress is such a nice feeling. Bring on endgame